Wednesday, August 17, 2016

It's All Filth

Who doesn't know that everything is filth? I think every human being alive knows the truth but some have better mechanisms for hiding than others. Very few people want to face reality. Shove it in their faces and they squeal like pigs and writhe and twist every which way to avoid it. I prefer people who like to wallow in degradation. They seem to me to be the freest of all. Once they've let themselves be bottle-fucked, slapped around and pissed on, they can come to terms with their essential helplessness and insignificance. To do these things to others is no less degrading than to have them done to you because both actions are an admission of desperate desires.

To do or be done to both clear the way to really be yourself. No more hiding. No more pretending you're important. It's better to admit that everything is filth.