Monday, July 1, 2013


                                                           Another night at the top of the stairs. Two men enter his mother's bedroom 
together. The sounds are the same as usual at first, but they get louder. He hears 
the men saying things to his mother. “Shut up and take it like a good little bitch” and 
“Stop fighting. You'll only make it worse.” And he hears sounds of a struggle and it sounds
like someone is being slapped and his mother is squealing and crying out and he can't take 
it anymore. He runs down the stairs and into the room to protect her.

He flinches in memory from the feeling of the belt as one of the men beats him. 
His mother doesn't do anything. She's naked and just trying to cover herself. 
“Leave the boy alone. Stop it.” The man picks him up and throws him out of the 
room into the hallway. He stands outside the door until finally his mother peeks her head 
out and talks to him. “Are you crazy? Get upstairs and go to bed and don't come back 
down here.” “The past is gone. Stop thinking about it.” But it won't leave him alone.