Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Faust and Susan are lying in bed cuddling.
Susan announces that she has to get up. Her rollover, flip off the bed in one motion delights him. He laughs.
“Like a cat.”
“Meow baby.”
His hand cups her ass cheek.
“Let me pet you baby.”
She purrs. They both laugh. It’s a little chilly so she pulls on a robe.
“I’ll be right back.”
While she is gone from the room, Faust takes a deep, contented breath and lies back.
Oh no. Not the voices again.
“Shut up! I don’t care what you think.”
He hears a flush.
“What did you say baby?”
“Nothing. Can you get me a glass of water? And a couple of Advil?”
He lies still hoping the voices will stop. They don’t.
Susan returns.
“You have a headache baby?”
“Yeah. Just a little…nothing serious.” He swallows the tablets.
Susan can see that his mood has changed.
“Are you OK?”
Faust changes the subject.
“I wish we could get out of here for a little while.”
“Why don’t we?”
“The tour. I just don’t have much time. And we booked a couple of extra dates because things are going great. We need to cash in while we can.”
“I understand.”
She strips off the robe she had put on and cuddles up to him in bed. The voices keep talking to him but her naked body causes a natural reaction. He kisses her neck and caresses her breasts and maneuvers into position to slip his cock inside her. No matter how tortured he feels by the voices, she is still able to get his full attention. And as they slowly dive deeper and deeper into each other, her smell and softness and her taste begin to overwhelm him until there is nothing but her. Nothing but what they are doing to each other with kisses, caresses, whispers and sighs.
Maybe for this night at least, he will be able to keep the voices away again.

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