Monday, April 4, 2011


Faust opens the hotel room door and two young girls are standing outside. They smile and laugh as he invites them in. Inside the room, they are all happy and laughing and joking. The girls are obviously thrilled to be with Faust and everyone is having a good time. Faust deeply kisses each girl.
Faust sits alone in his dressing room. He is drinking whiskey from a bottle and looking intently at a clock which reads about 10 to midnight. The light is shadowy.
Faust's mother sits at her dressing table. She is smoking and doing her nails as she talks to him.
You shouldn't be so upset about your daddy leaving. He wasn't no good anyway. He owned that filthy club but we never seen anything from it.
She thinks about Faust's father for a moment and then she looks at her nails carefully.
It's just you and me now.
She gives him an entirely winning smile and then goes back to her primping.
Gotta get myself looking good for tonight. It's really important for mommy to look good.
She turns to Faust and shows off her beautiful body. The camera lingers to give a sense of appreciating her.
What do you think? Do you like my lipstick?
She laughs.
Don't look at me like that. I'm your mommy.
She looks at him disapprovingly for a few moments and there is even the hint of real anger and possible violence, but then she softens and seems again to invite his attention.
You know, I wish you wouldn't listen to so much of that heavy metal music. It's really dangerous you know. I mean I know I ain't no saint, but that stuff comes from the devil. You really gotta think about your soul honey.
She has finished with her nails and she blows on them a bit. She then picks up a lipstick and begins to apply it to her mouth. The camera again goes in close to suggest the fascination of the boy as he watches his mother. She continues intensely with what she's doing and then finally turns toward her son and gives him a knowing little smile. She stands up and lets her silk robe drop to the floor. She is wearing only lingerie now.
Time for you to get outta here and let me put on some more clothes.

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