Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Casting for a reading of short film script of Faust, the Devil & Rock & Roll for the executive producer. This script will be made into a short film which will then be used to raise money for the full-length feature film.

Faust, the Devil & Rock & Roll is the story of rock star Jonathan Faust, who battles his traumatic past, his current addictions and his encounters with the devil all as he falls in love with a beautiful young preacher’s daughter.

Roles in the script include

FAUST: A 30 TO 40- something heavy metal rock star. Faust is a man of powerful emotions both brutal and tender. He is capable of genuine love but he is haunted and sometimes bitter.

SUSAN: Susan is a preacher’s daughter in her early 20’s whose accidental encounter with Jonathan Faust provides her with an opportunity to escape from a sterile life. Susan is very emotional and deeply in love with Faust. She goes from a slightly demure and shy attitude to becoming wilder and more sexual.

FAUST’S MOTHER: Late 20’s to late 30’s.  Faust’s mother is the most complicated character of the short film. She is very sexy and she loves her son, but she has also ruined him by being too sexy in front of him and by exposing him to a parade of men in her life. She is a flawed but vulnerable woman whose mistakes cost her the love of her son and turn him into an ego-maniac.

PANDORA: Around 30. Pandora is a hot, rock chick type with an edge. In this short film, she is mostly seen from her sexual side but she is also capable of depth and tenderness.

DUNCAN: 40ish.Faust’s best friend but only a minor role in the short film.

TOBY: 40ish. A wild rock and roll clown who loves life and rock and women and drugs. Again, small but entertaining role in the short film.

THE DEVIL: 30’s to 50’s. The devil is a tough guy, strip club owner type with a couple of nice scenes in the short film. He is the type who wears a sports jacket with the sleeves rolled up and rings on every finger.

SUSAN’S FATHER: 40’s to 50’s. Susan’s father is a preacher who has a speech from the Bible in the script and who also has a short scene with Susan.

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